An Act of Providence

We wanted to bring our website to the next level and started to look for the right person, someone familiar with the industry who would be willing to work with us.

Finding Transformation by Design all the way on the other side of the world was an act of Providence, to be sure, and the best thing that ever happened to our internet apostolate.  It’s just so great to work with a designer and developer who is totally Catholic. His Faith really shines through his work.

Matthew assessed our website, evaluated its strengths and weaknesses, took into consideration what we wanted and went to work. He presented numerous ways to simplify maintenance, made suggestions to keep content fresh, and gave invaluable advice on how to attract more visitors. At the same time, he was always open to work with our design ideas.

As a result we now have three sites working in unison: the main site of our religious community, our school, and our online store, now working in conjunction with Facebook—all at one location.  One of our sisters, after a little coaching from Matthew, is now able to handle all changes and continue its development.

If the proof is in the pudding, the proof for of a successful website for us has been the phenomenal increase in traffic and responses which continues to rise daily.

Br Thomas Augustine
Superior and Principal
Saint Benedict Center | IHM School