Highly skilled designer

Matthew Price is a highly skilled designer who has worked on several projects with Lumen Christi Catholic Parishes. Matthew has been an integral part of our re-launch, with the new and improved logo bringing a fresh and modern design while building on the core of the existing logo. I began working with Matthew on the re-branding in 2015 when we launched the new parish website (lumenchristi.org.au), then the updates in 2018 and 2020.  Matthew has also been responsible for the new-look letterheads, business cards, signage, logos, flyers and parish app.

Matthew has truly helped to develop the parishes’ marketing and design, as he provided the next level of expertise and advice. Matthew has walked on the journey with us where we have been able to connect with the three parish communities and four churches as the one body of Christ. We have now engaged with Matthew for the next steps of bringing our three parishes into one.

Kevin Galea, Business and Operations Manager, Lumen Christi, Diocese of Wollongong